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Attorney Domenico Esposito Italia Verona
Enrolled to the Supreme Court

Civil law - mainly family, commercial and corporate law - criminal law

Bussolengo via Mantegna 75 Tel.(+39)045/9582269 Fax (+39)045/9582825
email: domenicoesposito_057@fastwebnet.it

Enrolled to Verona's Bar Association n. 925 - P IVA 02604440236

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Commented on this site are some topics of interest about family, road, building, consumer protection, employment law, leases and evictions, tax, criminal law, administrative law, protection of rights, with special reference to the rights of persons with disabilities.

The public can find, in the separated links by topic, a review of legislation and judgments that have been specially selected to provide answers to problems that may occur to anyone.

Through the comment of some parts and the highlighting the key steps of the material provided, it is intended to facilitate the reading of texts provided with a certain legal technicism.

Thus we wanted to highlight the importance of the text, its more useful parts, as well as its links to sector's general regulations, yet without losing the detail of the provisions and decisions taken into account.

Insiders, however, experts can find a collection of selected material that we hope will be useful to them.

We warn that the texts have information purposes only for public knowledge and does not constitute advice.

You can read the authentic texts only on the official Gazette and in the true copies of the judgments reported.